About us


  • We Have a Goal:


    Build the best paint Factory in the World.



  • Innovation


    Every successful enterprise has the qualities of high technology, standardized ma-nagement and innovative thinking. Guangzhou Meiliang Chemical Co., Ltd. can steadily move forward in the domestic and foreign automotive coatings industry , Over the past 8 years,  it is the power of innovation that has driven the rise of Meklon in China' s automotive coatings industry. Innovation is our corporate culture and it guides us to work hard and stay sustainable.  We need to keep improving and upgrading and combining it with the modern spirit. Believe that good things will happen in the future.

  • More Technology in Every Drop


    We wanted to create an automotive coatings factory using the latest equip-ment and  processes to provide a range of exceptional products. We want to create a cleaner, healthier work environment and provide our chemists with the best equipment. We know that better control, better quality control and better systems will ultimately allow us to produce better products.

  • Grener Factory


    Raw mats are loaded into our tank farms and piped directly into production facerialilities, limiting VOC emissions and any waste. An inno-vative multi- layer gravity feed handling system ensures lower power consumption and further limits solvent evaporation. 

    There is no doubt that building such a modern facility allows us to apply the latest system designs to our plants. We hired the best companies, the best brands and the best people on the pla-net to build the best facilities for us.

  • Advanced Coating Equipment


    The Meklon automated production center building is a water-based automotive coating production base with advanced production tech-nology, advanced production equipment high degree of automation and strong production capacity in the world.The automation control center implements remote automatic control of the automatic produ-ction center synthesis workshop, and raw material storage tank area; input power supply, lighting power.


  • Focus on precision


    We believe that by focusing on controlling every aspect of the produc-tion process, wecan create better quality paints. Whether it is now or in the future, we will strive to makeour products the best.And all the pro ceard. We are also certified by ISO and other trusted authorities.sses in our production process have reached the international stdandard.

  • The culture of enterprise


    Some of the most technologically advanced and highest quality pro-ducts in the worldare now made in China.

    The country's focus on  this area  of  business has exceeded expectations. This new reputation for precision and quality is the cornerstone of the new corporate culture. Meklon is a company that invests in the best equipment, the best peo-ple, and the best processes to ensure that the product line it offers is the best brand.

  • Excellent Quality Control System


    With the continuous develn and upgrading of industry standards .As early as the earlystagopment of Meklon's high-end business, in addition to increasing capital and talentinvestment and accelerating the process of industrialization of scientific andtechnological achievements,Meklon also actively assists and participates in the simultaneous formulatioe of construction, Meklon passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification,ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and also passed the IATF16949 international automotive industry quality system certification. Automobile original factory business and high-end rail industry business.

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